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A “Fresh” Start To 2022 With Richardsons

Monday 31 January 2022
To our valued Richardsons Customers,

As we enter what everyone hopes will be the final stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it might be useful to reflect on recent challenges and some improvements we’ve implemented.
  • Like so many businesses, we’ve had to adapt and innovate. We have prioritised safe working for our excellent Richardsons Team, We have carefully managed safe delivery and customer-interfaces, We’ve enhanced our IT platforms to ensure best service is maintained.
  • In response to significant Supply-chain challenges, we are sourcing even more from local and Irish suppliers where possible. While staying true to our Customer Service ethos, in association with our customers and our staff, we have adapted our daily order processing time-lines to try ensure complete and accurate order fulfilment, despite ongoing supply-chain difficulties.
  • Given current significant energy, fuel and food cost-inflation, we are committed to providing value to you our customers. We are implementing best-practice Lean Management across all our business processes to ensure every step is value-adding. We are optimising delivery days, routes and frequencies while staying focused on meeting your requirements. We are at an advanced stage in building our Richardsons On-line Ordering platform to facilitate easy and accurate on-line ordering, anticipated launch March 1st .
  • As we progress with optimism and commitment to serving you, we are also committed to minimising our business’ impact on the planet. We are progressing paperless office procedures and Digital Invoicing. We use Green electricity. Our modern distribution facility has sensor-switched LED lighting throughout. We will reduce food-miles in every way possible, including back-loading on our own transport from our Irish growers and food-producers.

We now look forward optimistically to stability, opportunity and growth in our collective businesses. That’s really exciting and I want to assure you that, as usual, our Richardsons Team is ready and willing to support you all the way!

I wish you success in 2022 and I thank you all sincerely for your ongoing support for Richardsons.
Matthew Richardson
Matthew Richardson