Our Story

Recommended by Chefs, Hoteliers, Café owners and Restaurateurs nationwide because of our commitment to building lasting relationships with our customers by providing outstanding service, excellent value and the finest fresh foods.

40 years rooted in fresh foods teaches you many things; the value of relationships, the importance of team, the beauty of mother nature and the satisfaction of a job well done. More importantly, it teaches you to be true to yourself and live your life to a strong set of core values.

But how did this story begin?

Richardsons unique story begins with Matthew growing shallots and scallions at the age of 10, building a greenhouse at his sister’s house at the age of 14 and supplying local businesses with fresh home grown produce on his bike. This is a grass roots story, one of provenance, family, hard work and a passion for growing fresh produce from the soil.

You will find Richardsons are rooted in great expertise and knowledge, strengthened with a qualification in horticulture and a hands-on, no-nonsense approach. While building the business and making the necessary pivots and adjustments for growth, Richardsons have never compromised on their values in striving to supply fresh produce to their customers every time.

Our Vision

​​​​Our vision is to continually grow our business in the cities and regions of southern Ireland. We will delight our customers with an unrivalled customer care and personal touch approach. Rooted in our core values, we will never be compromised, always sourcing and supplying the highest quality, freshest food from our family of trusted people, food producers and partners.​​​​

Our Mission

​​​​We are committed to building lasting partnerships with our customers by providing outstanding service, excellent value and the finest fresh foods.​​​​
​​​​Built from a strong core
Our facility, operations and number of staff might have changed over the years but our way of doing business is guided by something timeless – Our Core Values are:
​​​​Customer Service​​​​
We listen carefully to our customer’s needs and provide solutions that last.
We source an extensive range of excellent quality fresh foods.
​​​​Customer Service​​​​
Our relationships are founded on building trust and respect.
We empower our people to work effectively together to make the right decisions.
​​​​Continuous Improvement
We are always asking how can we do it better.
We are the food partner of choice for some of Ireland’s leading hotels and restaurants. If you would like to add Richardsons fresh produce to your menu, then please do get in touch with us today.