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We’ve partnered with growers from across Europe

Monday 31 January 2022
We’ve partnered with growers from across Europe to bring you a unique range of fruit and vegetables from more than 70 countries. From Ready-to-Eat and exotic fruit and vegetables to the delicious berries and off season products we’ve got something for everyone.

Pre-Order is required on all products!
Fresh Papaya

Fresh Payaya – €22.75 per case of 9

Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates – €39.90 per case

Baby Pineapple

Baby Pineapple – €25.20 per case of 10

Pitathaya (Dragonfruit)

Pitathaya (Dragonfruit) – €43.00 per case of 109

Fresh Turmeric

Fresh Turmeric – €22.00 per 2kg

Daikon Cress

Daikon Cress – €10.50 per case of 16


Coconuts – € 22.00 per case of 50

Mini Asparagus

Mini Asparagus – €45.00 per 10 x 200g

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Chanterelle Mushrooms – €17.85 per kg