Welcome to Richardsons

​​​​Welcome to Richardsons, providers of fresh foods and unrivalled customer service for more than 40 years
We are committed to building lasting partnerships with our customers by providing outstanding service, excellent value and the finest fresh foods. Whether you buy from our Vegetable range or sample seasonal delights from Harvest Select or indeed, just pop by to sample the Greengrocer, what you get is a unique Richardsons experience.

​​​​Trusted by industry leaders…
Richardsons is trusted by chefs, hoteliers, restaurant owners, catering companies and culinary leaders across industry because of our commitment to freshness, customer service and dependable delivery solutions.

Our Story

“Rooted in Fresh Foods” isn’t just a tagline, it is a window to the core of what Richardsons is all about. Richardsons unique story begins with our founder Matthew, growing shallots and scallions at the age of 10, building a greenhouse at his sister’s house at the age of 14 and supplying local businesses with fresh home grown produce on his bike.

100% Personal Service

Our origins sowed the seeds for that personal touch that is still so important to us today. When Matthew first set up stall at the Milk Market in the 1970’s, he did so with a smile, sincerity and an honest commitment to his paying customer. This philosophy still holds true today, with an unparalleled personal service.
Experience a food partner like no other!